Visualizing the Future of Mobility and Infrastructure

The Transportation & Mobility industry is undergoing unprecedented changes, and we are in the midst of a transition to electric vehicles. In the future, we will see autonomous vehicles ply the roads, and flying vehicles roam the skies.

The need to digitalize workflows has never been more urgent, as it offers an opportunity for traditional vehicle manufacturers to pivot faster and more efficiently. Disruptions are inevitable, but digitalization promises to smoothen some of the rough edges and lubricate the friction involved.

This newsletter offers a window into the changes happening on the ground - particularly from an Asia perspective - and the possibilities of what is to come. We hope you enjoy reading about the transformative changes happening in the industry and would be keen to meet you at one of the events detailed below.

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Planning for Smart Cities and Future Mobility > Brick Image > Dassault Systèmes®

Planning for Smart Cities and Future Mobility

Today, it is imperative to study the impact of future mobility on smart cities, and how smart cities can address the challenges of future mobility.

Challenges Facing Asian Vehicle Manufacturers > Brick Image > Dassault Systèmes®

Challenges Facing Asian Vehicle Manufacturers

Organizational overhaul and a deep understanding of the market are essential for the Transportation & Mobility industry as it undergoes a profound transition.

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White Paper: Take the Lead In Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles that were developed and sold in the past decade catered primarily to luxury vehicle clients. That will change soon. Here is the low down on transitioning from ICEs to electric vehicles.

For Seamless Multidisciplinary Development

Find out how electric vehicle innovator NIO used the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and its Electro Mobility Accelerator to bring together different disciplines in its development and manufacturing teams.

eBook: Urban Air Mobility

Here is how simulation can help solve the unique problems of electric flight and EVTOL development, and give companies a competitive edge when entering this frontier market.

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Join Dassault Systèmes at Future Mobility Asia 2023

Join Dassault Systèmes at Future Mobility Asia 2023 and be a part of shaping the future of clean and sustainable mobility. The event, organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Energy Thailand, will set in motion Transportation & Mobility industry transformation in Asia.