Urban Air Mobility

Improve performance, efficiency, and range with simulation

Electric aircraft are not necessarily more challenging than conventional flight, but the difficulties involved are different. Fuel systems are no longer a concern, but battery weight is far more critical. eVTOL craft is typically quieter than its fuel-burning counterparts. Still, it is also hoped to operate regularly in built-up areas, meaning that community noise issues are very different in character.


Historically, the A&D industry relied strongly on physical testing, empirical models based on conventional configurations, and other low-fidelity simulation methods. Today eVTOL designs are very unconventional, and empirical models and low-fidelity methods are failing to predict the behavior of such a vehicle. Full vehicle high-fidelity solutions accounting for real-world effects such as ingested turbulence and aero-elasticity are needed as soon as the preliminary design phase to avoid the classic first flight re-design and be confident during the certification process.

Dassault Systemes a leading solution provider for Aerospace and Defense industry is committed to helping bring eVTOL to reality. Download this ebook and learn how simulation used to

  • Create safe, quite and energy efficient vehicle,
  • Check the viability of a new concept very early, 
  • Narrow the gap between on-design and off-design, and
  • Create Virtual Twin Model that accurately represents reality

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