Is your value chain future-ready?

Industry leaders share insights and strategies on aligning your business for the future

“Collaboration” is an industry buzzword – but what does it actually mean in today’s business environment?

The world of linear supply chains is being replaced by flexible and agile supply chains that deliver continuous value. This is achieved by bringing down silos to nurture collaboration, both internally and externally. This is the Industry Renaissance.

Download this ebook for real-world cases on how customers of DELMIA Quintiq are experiencing the Industry Renaissance. The stories include how:

  • Hupac centralized information flowing through its network of terminals, from Europe to China, to provide an overview that gives its planners visibility and control over the terminals and railcars in its network
  • KLM Catering Services combined shift scheduling and flight jobs for day of operations planning that enables it to handle 18 percent more flights and 38 percent more jobs without increasing capacity
  • Wieland-Werke AG operates 10 production plants with one standard scheduling software

Download the ebook