The Power of Wind Turbines

Simulation for Sustainable Energy Sources

Global warming is driving the need for clean, sustainable energy. There are terawatts of power to be extracted from the wind, forever and without carbon emissions. In order to take full advantage of this free energy source, the trend has moved towards bigger turbines and offshore wind farms.

If wind power is to remain at the forefront of the renewable energy market, every single aspect of a wind turbine needs to be optimized to master challenges like noise reduction, improved durability and lower operating costs.

Read this e-book and learn how simulation helps to accelerate wind turbine innovation and cut down development cycles.

Wind Turbine Engineering | Industry Process Experience Solution

The Wind Turbine Engineering, Industry Process Experience, enables different aspects of a wind turbine—aerodynamics, noise, loading, lightning strike, icing, and more—to be predicted and optimized using a virtual model before the first prototype is built.


Virtual models can be used in combination with real components, in real-time, for realistic testing. Using a virtual twin not only reduces expensive testing but also unlocks entirely new avenues for innovation by giving every engineer a full understanding of the entire system.

Predicting the Unpredictable with Simulation

SIMULIA Champion Sajeesh Sulaiman talks about leading the design of the next generation of an offshore wind turbine in terms of grounding, lightning protection, and electromagnetic compatibility.
Sajeesh explains the importance of simulation for designing offshore wind turbines that are not only complex products with many sensors but also located in an environment that is hard to reach. Simulating worst-case scenarios can, for example, show what the voltage will be on each cable when lightning strikes the blade or the nacelle.


Download e-book

Download e-book