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Product Avatars are fast becoming first-class citizens online, at events, and in eCommerce. They're the lead actor in interactive stories – illustrating product features, personalized options, features, functions, and training. They virtually represent a product more relevantly than the physical product can itself. Imagine a 3D manual that allows a user to experience that product in AR, take it apart, and put it back together.  These engagements leverage the 3D Data – or the commercial twin, and every interaction is rich and rewarding. As new approaches and adoptions are accelerating across the marketing and sales landscape,  we want to make sure you're ready.

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As the world slowly returns to normal and standard business practices resume, digital advancements we've become used to will remain a part of the new landscape. For instance, when trade shows return to a physical format, the virtual event will remain and exist in tandem with the live one. We're even seeing major events confirming this. Why? Because they're practical, and they create a more immersive and lasting content engagement for remote attendees. They can remain online for up to a year after their debut, extending interactions and nurturing interested viewers. Brands can also repurpose the content on social channels, on websites, and in digital publications. The value is evident.

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