Why planning with spreadsheets is a terrible idea and 3 other deadly SOP mistakes you need to stop making

Are you guilty of running your S&OP process on spreadsheets? Sure, it’s cheap and gets you off the ground fast, but you will expand and your operations will get more complex. Before you know it, you’ll be cutting corners just to keep up.

Your finances will take the first, and biggest, blow. Vast quantities of financial data will soon overwhelm your system, forcing you to ignore key information such as production costs and the financial impact of marketing strategies. It will be impossible for you to plan for profit.

The solution?

  • Scalability
    Ensure your S&OP process is sitting on solid ground by implementing a robust planning platform that lets you scale up fast and plan for profit proactively.
  • Scope
    Start small and raise the level of complexity step-by-step as you go along.
  • Scenario planning
    Make sure your scenario planning process includes all relevant constraints.

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