What is the Value of Real-Time Data on Your Shop Floor?

Getting your manufacturing information, data and reports in real time is crucial to the growth and success of your manufacturing facility. However, too many manufacturers miss out on critical decision making pieces of the puzzle because their reports are run against data that is acquired when a shift ends, or uploaded from a data warehouse four to six hours later, NOT live data.

The whitepaper "What is the Value of Real-Time Data: How much does it cost you to wait hours for updated information?" will help you understand:

  • If you are experiencing a data delay and what you can do about it
  • How the Internet of Things is changing the concept of real-time
  • How real-time data is the key to solving your most painful manufacturing challenges
  • How you can get real-time data from your shop floor

Read on to learn how live data can help you reduce the loss of time, resources and ultimately money from your bottom line.

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