Discover Dassault Systemes’ virtual twins for the lean and sustainable elevator and escalator manufacturing

How to reduce the carbon footprint of your elevators and escalators

With digital manufacturing you can realize significant reductions in the greenhouse gas emissions throughout the production cycle. Digital manufacturing enabled by the virtual twin of your elevator & escalator technology answers the following questions:

  • How to reduce the carbon footprint from the raw materials used in your manufacturing? 
  • How to reduce the carbon footprint and energy consumption from your internal production processes and logistics?
  • How to increase the use of sustainable and long-lasting materials to your products and ensure they fit your engineering requirements?
  • How to virtually test your products assembly and finally disassembly and high-quality recycling?
  • How to test how easy your solutions are to assemble, deliver, install and maintain?

Please download the e-books to find out how to turn your manufacturing into a more lean and sustainable entity:

The art of manufacturing today means constantly inventing and reinventing. Advanced innovation and collaboration platforms that bring together great minds, ideas, solutions and information make this possible

Finland Client Executive, Dassault Systèmes

Efficient and resilient supply chain through sales & operations planning and order orchestration

Builders, building owners and facility managers put high value on intelligent connected building systems and the ability to tailor products to individual requirements at commodity-level pricing.
DELMIA’s solutions for Planning & Optimization offers end-to-end planning horizontally (network connectivity from supplier to customer) and vertically (strategic, tactical, operational and scheduling). Demand supply balancing, and creating optimized plans and scenarios at all levels – from the line and factory to the logistics network and overall value network.
Virtual model of your supply chain connected to your physical operations helps to:

  • Visualize and understand immediately the impact of disruptions of your supply chain
  • Accelerate and improve decision process  to continuously improved supply chain excellence
  • Enable integrated business planning:
  • Synchronization and orchestration across the value chain
  • Collaboration between procurement, production, distribution, warehousing, sales, finance and services
  • Simulate how to reduce waste, energy consumption and labour materials in your production and deliveries

Boosting services with a virtual twin of installed base

A virtual twin of your elevator or escalator will help you in maintenance as well. It will answer the following questions:

  • How to keep up-to-date technical information for each evolving installed equipment to assure safety?
  • How to identify the right part number to order upon an installed equipment failure to eliminate waste and minimize downtime?
  • How to optimize planning among skilled service technicians to improve customer satisfaction while increasing employee’s productivity? 
  • How to prolong the life duration of your elevators and escalators?
  • How to assure your design’s reusability, upgradability, reparability, maintainability and recyclability to contribute to sustainable field operations?

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