Virtual Commissioning: anticipate and optimize your industrial performance

Replay | 35 minutes

Discover on this webinar how you can build better production lines with virtual commissioning

Commissioning is an integral part of the industrial process. According to Reinhart and Wünsch (2007), 70% of delays are a consequence of errors in the control software used in commissioning.

The aim of virtual commissioning is to allow for faster development time and lower costs. To put it simply, virtual commissioning is the practice of using virtual simulation technology to commission (design, install or test) control software with a virtual machine model before you commit it to the real system, reducing the likelihood of unwanted errors.

If you’d like to speed up development time and significantly lower your costs, this may be something that can help you out.

The 3DEXPERIENCE® Cloud platform offers one of the best virtual commissioning tools, and it’s now available with more attractive offers than ever.

Watch this webinar and discover :

  • the trends around virtual commissioning and challenges faced by line builders
  • the multiple benefits of validating lines prior to physical commissioning
  • a concrete example of how Robot at Work takes advantage of the platform
  • plus a Q&A session to answer all your queries

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