Unleash Continuous Innovation with Virtual Twins

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To make the best business decisions, companies need to not only aggregate and analyze exponential amounts of diverse data, but also to extract the right context to understand and gain critical insights from it. Virtual twin technology delivers this context that, when combined with artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, empowers enterprises to unleash continuous improvement and drive innovation.

New research from Aberdeen Strategy & Research reveals that companies using AI realized the following efficiency improvements over two years versus non-users:

  • Increase in workforce productivity by 20%
  • Increase in speed of decision-making by 16%
  • Increase in data sharing and collaboration by 14%

With AI, the digital twin is more than just a virtual representation of the real—it becomes a strategic instrument that can be used to amplify the innovation of products and business operations.

Aberdeen Strategy & Research

Read the Aberdeen report, "The Four Building Blocks to Unleashing Continuous Innovation," to discover how your organization can apply key building blocks with virtual twins to improve efficiency and sustainability while accelerating innovation.

Discover all 4 Building Blocks and see the latest research quantifying the business benefits of innovating with digital twins.  

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