The Top Five Problems an MES Solution Can Prevent

What if the data generated every day across your plant floor could help you identify potential failure points and scenarios—before they happened?

The ability to identify potential manufacturing problems before they grow and impact customer trust, profits, and revenue is leading more manufacturers to automate their operations with a Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Using the power of real-time production data, a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) helps manufacturers determine how they can make corrections, repair equipment, and improve their operations before issues become larger and costly problems.

While there are many issues MES software can address, the most urgent and quickly resolved are related to visibility and control across the shop floor and plant, including:

  1. Troubleshooting product quality problems
  2. Eliminating time wasted tracking the status of jobs in production
  3. Removing the roadblocks that create longer cycle times and lead times. 
  4. Avoiding unnecessary shutdowns of production lines
  5. Solving supplier quality and compliance problems

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