Tips for Choosing a Chemical Inventory Management System

White Paper: How to Compare and Select a Chemical Inventory Management System

Research organizations are facing a maelstrom of increasing chemical regulation -- such as the GHS update to OSHA's Hazardous Communications rule -- resulting in an ever-growing volume of chemical-related data to manage and report.

Chemical inventory management can be time-consuming; it can hamper workflows; and -- worst of all -- it can trigger numerous non-compliance determinations. Laboratory efficiency is reduced. Money is wasted on chemicals that expire before use. Safety is jeopardized. Compliance is compromised.

Many of these challenges are caused by outdated methods for managing chemical inventory data -- from paper checklists to standalone spreadsheets -- that are time-consuming to use and cannot accommodate regulatory requirements.

Learn how to:

  • Streamline chemical tracking
  • Comply with GHS chemical labeling requirements
  • Integrate chemical inventory with Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Automate EPA, Tier II, OSHA, HMIS reporting
  • Ensure chemical safety, from receipt to storage to disposal
  • Address regulatory requirements

This in-depth guide presents a best practices solution to this dilemma; e.g., how to compare and select a digital chemical inventory management system that streamlines workflows throughout the organization and brings chemical inventory under control.

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