Architectural Façade Design Streamlined with Building Information Modeling (BIM) Technology

Technological Changes Brought by BIM to Façade Design

Architectural façades, or architectural envelopes are one of the most exciting and innovative concepts in building design, and historically one of the most challenging. The Barclay Center, Shanghai Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree and other complex projects are pushing the limits of architectural design and construction.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an approach that combines 3D design, simulation, and complex data management in a real-time, single collaborative environment - providing a digital prototype of an actual building before it is built. BIM allows all players from key building development disciplines - including design, fabrication, manufacturing and installation to optimize the art of façade design, improve profitability and productivity while adhering to complex engineering principles.

Key benefits of BIM include:

  • Faster decision-making with all participants collaborating on a single project view speeds overall time to completion and reduce waste
  • 3D visualization improves exchange of ideas and allows rapid simulations including volume, shapes, facades and exteriors within an integrated system
  • Compliance with global architectural, engineering, materials and environmental standards reduces errors and re-work
  • There’s no doubt that BIM can help you improve profitability, deliver projects more quickly and develop and buildings that are more beautiful and sustainable.

Learn More by Downloading our Expert Building Information Modeling (BIM) White Paper

This expert whitepaper discusses challenges in façade design and the emergence of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology as a game-changing approach that can eliminate costly errors and speed time to project completion while developing sustainable, elegant and modern buildings that define skylines of a modern metropolis.

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