Cement Mining Solutions: Operational Efficiency Through Tactical Blending

Leveraging on the ideal blend of mining parameters and third-party additives provides quarry operators an optimized schedule to minimize costs

Industrial Minerals and Cement producers often need to purchase third-party materials to compensate for chemical shortcomings in their mined material. To correct any chemical shortcomings of this material, cement quarry operators may spend millions each year buying additional materials from third party suppliers.

These supplements, mostly stockpiles of aluminum, silica, iron or a mix of materials, are combined with the limestone arriving at the plant to stabilize the output. The drawdown from the additive stockpiles is driven by consumer demands for specific cement compositions together with standards and policies set by companies and regulators.

Dassault Systemes Tactical Mine Planning| Blending solution allows users to develop automated mine schedules that integrates mine planning and blending to meet product specifications. This solution runs over 1000s of simulation schedules allowing the user to select the mine plan that optimizes the raw material and final product blend (minimizing cost of additive material), all the while collaborating with key stakeholders in the planning process using the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

View the Tactical Mine Planning | Blending infographic below for more information.

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Tactical Mine Planning: Blending Infography

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