Tackling disruptions and ensuring a smooth day of operations

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With global air traffic set to double by 2034, maintaining high standards of passenger satisfaction while staying efficient in ground operations has become a major challenge for airports, airlines and ground handlers.

Between delays, extreme weather conditions, security threats and complex labor union rules, ground operations are becoming more complex with each passing day.

Planners have to manage the information flow across different department and avoid planning in silos. They must also ensure efficiency in resource utilization without compromising employee satisfaction, even on the day of operations.

In this upcoming webinar, Taner Chakar from Dassault Systèmes will highlight how some state-of-the-art technologies like predictive analytics and autonomous planning can help you to:

  • Improve passenger experience, even as traffic grows
  • Respond quickly to disruptions during the day of operations
  • Understand passenger demand and make better planning decisions
  • Implement best practices in ground staff management
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