Deliver More Sustainable Packaging while Reducing Costs

Let’s get real about answering the demand of eco-conscious consumers. Here’s a proven strategy that helps you deliver with lower material weight, carbon footprint and costs

Consumers are demanding more sustainable packaging. You need to respond by accelerating smart ‘green’ packaging designs to market and not be hindered by time-consuming processes to finalize your designs.

Imagine if you could quickly explore and arrive at design decisions that reduce the amount of material used. This is part of a better consumer packaging solution that eliminates the need for physical testing and allows packaging to be qualified virtually to meet design and performance goals.

Just ask our consumer packaging customers who have seen real results using virtual simulation to optimize more lightweight, eco-friendly packaging on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. Now, it’s your turn. Here’s how your digital transformation journey can take place:

Deliver Eco-Efficient Packaging That Consumers Will Love > Objective icon > Dassault Systèmes


Reduce the amount of material used in packaging

Deliver Eco-Efficient Packaging That Consumers Will Love > Transformation icon > Dassault Systèmes


Develop digital material models and test methods

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Reduce packaging material weight and costs up to 30%

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Four steps to reducing single-use plastic

Find out how packaging manufacturers can reduce the amount of plastics in their designs while maintaining quality and protecting margin.

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PLAY VIDEO: See how a global packaging manufacturer develops 'greener' designs

Follow the digital transformation of a leading producer in consumer packaging as it accelerates its processes to deliver more sustainable designs. With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, the company now leverages digital models and virtual testing for quicker results that satisfy consumer demand.

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