Sustainable Mining Operations with Greentech and Virtual Twins

The impact of technology on mining has expanded to a comprehensive sustainability focused role. Technologies such as virtual twins and electrification and greater collaboration between different departments in large mining companies are changing the industry at a rapid pace. 

Never before has technology been used to manage the complete mining value chain including water and waste management and revegetation of formerly mined areas. Given ESG mandates, it is essential that mining operations adopt an engineering approach based on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Virtual twin technology enables companies to do just this, by seeing how various environmental data points are interacting in the life stages of the mine. 

The newsletter is a glimpse into how the infusion of technology into the end-to-end mining process is not just resulting in greater profits but also helping achieve ESG goals. Read on.

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Electrification, sustainability, and collaboration — The future of mining

The need for sustainability, electrification, and collaboration have come to the fore in mining operations. This is driving the surging popularity of battery electric vehicles and vehicle energy management solutions.

Achieving ESG mandates and new efficiencies in mining with virtual twins > Image > Dassault Systèmes®

Achieving ESG mandates and new efficiencies in mining with virtual twins

Modern mining companies are under pressure to meet ESG mandates to successfully maintain their relationships with all stakeholders. Virtual twins help miners integrate sustainability into operations covering the entire resource lifecycle.

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An Update on the Mining Industry in Indonesia

Dassault Systèmes and Djakarta Mining Club recently hosted a luncheon on "The Future of Sustainable Mining in Indonesia." Government ministries and mining companies in Indonesia gathered to deliberate on the challenges, trends, and solutions involved in establishing a strong sustainability framework for Indonesian mining. Click below to catch a glimpse.