RETAIL LOGISTICS: Increase Sustainability while Reducing the Cost to Serve

Advanced logistics planning optimizes routes to meet consumer demand (in-store or at-home) and reduce miles, fuel and cost 


Logistics complexity can make or break the business of retailers.  And complexity is here to stay as retailers grapple with the explosive demand for home delivery services (particularly grocery retailers) as well as continuing to plan inbound and outbound fleet traffic for store replenishment.  Typical logistics models focus on getting the job done at any price, leading to large fleet sizes and runaway costs.  This makes it tough to hit profit margin and service level targets while demonstrating positive environmental impact.

With advanced logistics planning solutions, fleet operators meet service levels while improving fleet efficiency and reducing environmental impact. Optimized planning reduces the total distance required to service all stops – saving on fuel, vehicle and labor costs. Fleet managers benefit from the ability to add electric vehicles (EVs), hydrogen vehicles and other fuels to the fleet as retailers see to hit environmental targets.


  • Reduce Miles Driven by 8%
  • Reduce Transportation Costs between 3-7%
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Read this ebook and learn 6 ways to increase sustainability in the retail supply chain and reduce the cost to serve.

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