Transition to Clean Energy With Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen will play a fundamental role to decarbonize heavy industries in sectors where emissions are hard to abate and attain carbon neutrality – we have the strategies.

Read our guide titled "The Route To A Green Hydrogen Economy"

Read our guide and discover how to connect the green hydrogen (GH2) value chain from end to end and how to quickly respond to disruptions impacting time, cost and quality.

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What Is Green Hydrogen?

Green hydrogen, also known as GH2, is a clean hydrogen that’s produced by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis. This process is powered entirely by renewable energy sources. Read our guide to learn how you can benefit from digitalizing the Green Hydrogen Value Chain with solutions powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.

Discover how our solutions:

  • Connects the GH2 ecosystem for real-time collaboration
  • De-risks hydrogen’s end-to-end processes with full visibility
  • Establishes digital continuity and traceability for the entire GH2 value chain from production, transportation and storage to the usage of H2
  • Rapidly tests and optimizes hydrogen products, processes, operations and industrial usage, from electrolyzer capacity to hydrogen storage and fuel cells
Transition To Clean Energy With Green Hydrogen > Brick Image > Dassault Systèmes®

Transition To Clean Energy With Green Hydrogen

Decarbonizing hydrogen is only possible with a whole system approach to accelerate, de-risk and scale up GH2 innovation. This requires an integrated digital platform that holds it together and connects the dots between people, resources, processes and data. Read our guide to discover how our virtual twin experiences and solutions, support faster, more efficient processes for your transition to clean energy with green hydrogen. 

Discover in our guide how our solutions will:

  • Standardize processes and design and simulation applications
  • Centralize data and project management
  • Facilitate team interactions across global sites

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