Supply chain collaboration | Natively integrate the brightest minds into your development process

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According to recent Mckinsey [1] research, companies know that closer collaboration with their suppliers is a powerful way to drive improvements in cost, quality, innovation and other dimensions. But for many OEMs and suppliers seeking to increase data sharing and collaboration, the vision of a truly integrated supply chain has proven difficult to realize.

Watch this webinar to discover a platform that rapidly and natively integrates top experts into your processes to:

  • Remove cumbersome data retrieval, management and all non-added value tasks to build a strong supplier network
  • Align on objectives and ensure digital continuity and real time reactivity within a single platform
  • Guarantee a common product understanding, review and approval in 3D with fully integrated data exchange
  • Ensure IP Control & Protection
  • Be more competitive with an accelerated time to market

Save time and money by including the brightest subject matter experts to your development process to collaborate without siloed exchange tools!

[1] Source



  • Driving challenges faced by OEMs and suppliers seeking to increase data sharing and collaboration across their supply networks.
  • Platform demonstration of how companies can leverage the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform on the cloud to collaborate seamlessly on product or part designs.
  • Live Q&A.

Our speakers

Maximilian BEHRE

Maximilian BEHRE

Business Consultant Director

Elise Rostaing


Marketing Program Manager



Cloud Advocacy Expert

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