Success in manufacturing depends on being able to synchronize operations to act on the right strategy at the right time

Running a business on Excel spreadsheets just isn’t going to cut it today


Change has always been a factor in manufacturing. Customer demands, inventory and labor availability, and plant floor capacity must all be synchronized to adapt and devise the best possible strategy at the best possible time. The ability to respond quickly to these constant changes can be the differentiator between success and failure. Running a manufacturing company on Excel spreadsheets just isn’t going to cut it.

Learn how replacing a potpourri of systems and Excel spreadsheets with a single end-to-end system enabled Wisconsin manufacturing company Plastics Components Inc. to gain the visibility it needed to quickly adapt to customer demand, scheduling, and capacity challenges. Using DELMIAWorks ERP, Plastics Components Inc. now operates an automated facility effectively and efficiently, with less manual and human intervention and higher profitability, as well as: 

  • Increase annual revenue by a factor of 10
  • Run 60 fully automated manufacturing cells running "lights out" 24/7
  • Make decisions about new expenditures based on the actual utilization rates
  • Identify, in detail, the profitability of every part manufactured
  •  More efficiently utilize resources


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