Sustainability in Resource Modeling, The Collaborative and Transparent Way

Strategic Resource Modeling brings transparency into the resource modeling process and provides geologists with state-of-the-art applications to bring sustainability and more value to mining operations.

Resource estimations underpin multi-million-dollar investment decisions made by mining companies, decisions that have financial and wide-ranging social and environmental considerations. Vital resource models and reports are generated by qualified people using diverse sources of exploration and operational data. So how do you assure your reports are consistent and accurate when multiple sources are used to develop them?

Download the whitepaper ´Sustainability in Resource Modeling, The Collaborative and Transparent Way´ and learn more about key challenges faced during the resource estimation process, and ways to address them:

  • Managing geological model creation and updates with traceability, auditability and repeatability, while improve resource modelling efficiency and resource estimation quality.
  • Collaboration with peers for reviews, approvals and providing stakeholders visibility
  • Sustainability - Keep the governance of the process


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Automate and accelerate the data consumption and resource modeling process. Generate consistent, 3D resource models based on geoscientific best practice. Facilitate data consumption, modeling and interrogation to test geological hypothesis and conduct a resource evaluation and risks assessment, based on sensitivity analysis.

About Strategic Resource Modeling

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