Strategic Geology Modeling for Mining Exploration

Model the geology of your resource throughout its lifecycle

The mining industry invests millions of dollars and worker hours annually to collect new geoscience data and manage, interrogate and curate old data. New data is invaluable for making fresh interpretations and keeping mine models updated. Older data can increase in value over time as new analytical technologies and interpretation methods become available. Discoveries are often made by building on and reinterpreting data from the past.

When managed efficiently, geological datasets can be combined, interpreted, validated and refined to generate models of the subsurface and the extractable resource: Models underpinning critical financial and engineering decisions. Across the mining industry today, companies face common challenges when working with geoscience data.

Download the Geoscience Data Management Article and understand how the Strategic Geology Modeling solution helps addressing those challenges.

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GEOVIA SI SGM Infographic > Dassault Systèmes
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GEOVIA SI SGM Infographic > Dassault Systèmes
Strategic Geology Modeling Infographic

How Efficient is your Geology Modeling Process?

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