Speeding Up the Pace of CPG Product Innovation

See how an integrated digital solution can streamline workflows, deliver end-to-end traceability, improves collaboration and more.

The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry relies on continuous product innovation to introduce successful new products and drive business growth. Formulations are the lifeblood of the CPG organization and key to product innovation, particularly when adding new attributes to an existing product can extend that product’s lifecycle as a revenue generator.

At the heart of formulation development is physical testing and the data capture. Physical testing accounts for roughly half the work done by Research & Development (R&D) laboratories. This generates an incredible amount of data, and yet a very small percentage of the data captured from all of this physical testing is typically leveraged and turned into reusable knowledge. The vast majority of it is lost and ultimately unusable, becoming “dark data.” Dark data is typically only used once and not leveraged for business intelligence or repurposed for multiple decisions.

Many CPG companies suffer from dark data, and it means costly, slow product innovation due to inefficiencies in laboratory research processes and lack of data access.

Learn how to reduce your dark data, remove the barriers to innovation and get on the road to the perfect lab by accessing our white paper, “Speeding Up the Pace of CPG Product Innovation.”