Smart Product Development: Designing Smart Products Smartly

How To Improve Your Smart Products Development Process

Smart products provide added functionality, improve safety, increase interconnectability, and create new methods of interaction. 

By their very nature, however, smart products increase the complexity of the concept, design, and production cycles. They typically require multi-disciplinary designs including electrical, structural, and software that must come together as a single product. 

The key-limiting factor is that most companies try to support today's smart product development with yesterday's disconnected solutions. Companies fail to manage the complex network of data, design, configuration, manufacturing plans, simulation, sustainability, and traceability requirements.  

The Tech-Clarity eBook, Designing Smart Products Smartly, delivers a roadmap on how to improve smart product development. The eBook details the costs of failing to improve smart product development and recommends best practices including a lifecycle based technology platform to integrate the entire smart product development process. 

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