Smart Manufacturing 201 Webinar Registration

When: Wednesday, August 23rd 7:00 PM EDT

A Virtual Tour of How to Apply Smart Manufacturing Throughout Your Organization

The DELMIAWorks Smart Manufacturing 101 webinar was extremely popular, and many of you requested that we expand beyond the basic foundation and highlight how to apply Smart Manufacturing in your business's day-to-day operations.

In Smart Manufacturing 201, from the design and engineering to the sales order, scheduling, production, quality, and shipping, we'll take a virtual tour through the factory to break down how Smart Manufacturing is improving processes, eliminating redundancy, and transforming how we'll work in the future.

Join us as we take a deeper dive and explore how to:

  • Gather real-time manufacturing floor data
  • Gain manufacturing visibility
  • Improve production flow and WIP
  • Measure and Improve OEE
  • Take control of raw materials, scrap & inventory
  • Use real-time data to drive your business

If you missed the Smart Manufacturing 101 series, now is your chance to catch up. Check out the webinar on-demand link:

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