Smart City Technology: Collaboration and the Digital Twin

An IDC report on digital twin technologies and their place in an organization's ecosystem of analysis, planning, and collaboration tools

Key Questions to ask today :

  1. Are your planning, emergency management, transportation, and public works agencies working together and sharing data as well as they could?Or are key issues and priorities not being solved because of the lack of ability to share data and have a common truth?
  2. Do you need the ability to play through "what if" scenarios and come up with ways to test contingency plans to mitigate risks and optimize planning?
  3. Are both your organization and your data ready to be integrated in this way? What people and tools do you need as part of this holistic ecosystem approach to take the next step?
  4. Do you need to increase stakeholder understanding of key issues by using information-rich tools?
  5. If you had a high-fidelity digital twin at your fingertips, where would you prioritize its impact?

Moving to a digital twin platform will become more commonplace in organizations as they move to mature, data-driven approaches. As virtual and augmented reality platforms increase their ability to provide higher levels of fidelity and power, there will be further opportunity to use them in more  wide-ranging areas of land use governance and planning. By educating your stakeholders on the potential that these types of investments could have and defining key issues to solve, you will put yourself in a strong position to build toward a more information-rich and collaborative future. 

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