Cloud-Based High Performance Computing

Gaining Value by Moving On-Premise Simulation to Cloud | 3DEXPERIENCE 

Cloud computing has changed the way many companies manage their IT, enabling them to move away from the non-core business of managing on premise computing to a service oriented cloud or hybrid model.

Over the past 15 years, productivity, CRM, data analytics and other business tools have become well established on cloud as the overall benefits to the enterprise have become clear. More recently high performance computing (HPC) architecture and simulation tools have become available on cloud.

In this whitepaper learn about:

  • Early cloud disruption and how and why adoption accelerated
  • The challenges around owning and managing computing resources for simulation and HPC
  • Some of the hidden costs of long term ownership
  • The benefits of running HPC workloads on-demand on cloud
  • The costs of cloud vs. on-premise computing
  • The benefits of a platform as a service (PaaS) approach to cloud computing for simulation

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