Simulate and Continuously Refine Product Development

Reduce testing times & costs and get complex product designs right first time by turning to 3D simulation and visualization tools that remove the need for physical prototypes.

Philippe LOEB
Vice President Home & Lifestyle Industry at Dassault Systèmes

Home & Lifestyle manufacturers must continuously refine and redesign their products to improve performance, cut down on parts and reduce manufacturing costs. By modelling every part and component in 3D, they can simulate how new designs will operate in the field, gauge strain, identify manufacturing constraints and come up with the best possible structural design.

The Challenge

Delivering reliable innovation and keeping on top of production costs is an ongoing challenge for Home and Lifestyle equipment manufacturers as they look to make continuous product improvements driven by consumer feedback and competitive pressure. When designing and refining new and existing products, they must deliver on two fronts: develop a high-quality end product while ensuring it is as efficient as possible to manufacture.

The Solution

Moving from physical prototypes to 3D simulation transforms their approach dramatically. Using Product Structural Performance Optimization based on SIMULIA, they can design, develop and enhance new and existing products so that become less costly to manufacture but deliver in terms of design objectives, durability and performance.

The Benefits

Those that turn to the power of simulation on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform make the cutting-edge possible. Using detailed 3D models, they can accurately simulate how a product will perform in real-world conditions and make design enhancements that lead to weld elimination, part-count reduction and fatigue life improvement.

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Reduce Parts Count

By up to 50%

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Lower Manufacturing Costs

& Improve Strength

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Lower Product Development Costs

By up to 40%

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Real Business Story

Businesses like lawn mower manufacturer Ariens are using SIMULIA to transform the way they handle product development and testing, and improve on existing models. Through simulation, they can focus on the fine-grain details, cutting down on the parts they use by 50% and ensuring every new iteration costs less to manufacture than its predecessor.

Now that we use simulation, by the time that we go to run a physical test of a finished redesign, we are confident that it is going to work.

Lead Engineer and Structural Analyst, Ariens

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