Simplifying CPV Validation and Consistency

How to implement a consistent CPV initiative with minimal validation efforts

Proper CPV (Continued Process Verification) is a crucial initiative for any biotech or biopharma company to comply with regulatory authorities, monitor processes and maintain a consistent state of control while improving manufacturing productivity.

Adopting an enterprise-wide initiative for CPV ensures consistency across different manufacturing sites while trusting that every data retrieval and contextualization process is validated and does not necessarily mean the introduction of a large additional burden to the organization.

Read this use case of how a global pharmaceutical company leveraged BIOVIA’s validation-ready solution and validation best practices, going live significantly faster and making adoption of CPV easy. Learn how by maintaining a uniform standard of data in their manufacturing analytics they have been able to:

  • Achieve secure compliant manufacturing operations
  • Reduce FDA onsite audit time by 50%
  • Prepare APRs 90% faster

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