Sharing Your Craft for Greater Project Efficiency and Quality

Collaborative Environments on the Cloud Improve Construction Project
Vice President, Construction, Cities & Territories Industry, Dassault Systèmes

Because the construction industry has been primarily project-based, and most projects involve design competitions and construction tendering, stakeholders have been forced to independently create drawings at each stage in the process. This workflow inherently reduces stakeholder cooperation and restricts the exchange of information. Fabrication and construction details are not adequately revealed to planners and designers, which depletes productivity. Owner satisfaction also suffers: with poor transparency, owners feel uninformed about construction project management and the final project outcome. To complicate matters, demand for complex and sophisticated building and structural designs are increasing. Expectations are growing for how 3D technologies can fix the entire planning, design, manufacturing, and construction process.

Fabricators and manufacturers are critical construction partners. Advanced players leverage an integrated, cloud-based platform to coordinate and exchange information with owners, designers, and contractors. By sharing the design intent and manufacturing specifications at earlier stages, overall efficiency is greatly improved. On the cloud, a collaborative environment instantly connects people from different organizations and locations, even for short-term projects.

Owners demand more speed, lower costs, and higher quality. It is essential to adopt 3D generative design and virtual design and construction processes to meet the demand for highly complex, sophisticated, and creative structures.

To efficiently collaborate with stakeholders on the cloud, the craftsmanship you’ve cultivated over the years can be converted into digitized knowledge. Improve quality while deploying fewer resources through knowledge (using design templates), and virtual construction techniques.

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