2 Keys to Successful Project Management and Team Collaboration

Rising business, product and process complexity is impacting your ability to deliver projects on time. Only 36% of projects are on-time/on-budget, 45% late or over budget, 19% fail.

Project managers spend most of their time collecting data, which is quickly out of date, rather than actual Project Management. This is because the project data is disconnected to the project itself. 

Whether you are a project manager or a team working on a project collaboratively, our Project Management solutions are here to bridge the gap.

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Project Manager Role

As a project manager, spend less time collecting data and more time on true Project Management activities. 

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Project Planning Role

Simple and light Project Planning to collaborate in real-time with up-to-date data from anywhere, at any time. Buy online

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Data-driven Project Management > 3DEXPERIENCE cloud > Dassault Systèmes

Data-Driven Project Management | 25 min

Data-Driven Project Management links product development data to the project so that project managers no longer need to consult multiple systems nor spend time manually collecting project status from team members. Instead, they can focus on true Project Management activities: evaluating progress, identifying and reducing risks, and aligning resources to maintain or accelerate schedules. The updated status of any project member’s deliverable is immediately reflected in the project plan. 

In this webinar, learn how to shorten design cycles and see real-time project status to make informed decisions with Data-Driven Project Management.

Team-based Project Planning > 3DEXPERIENCE cloud > Dassault Systèmes

Team-Based Project Planning | 10 min

With Team-Based Planning, teams can easily share tasks and schedules without the need for a formal project manager. Our Project Planner is a radically simple and light project planning tool with an innovative planning engine to optimize your projects.

This webinar explains how everyone on a team no matter where they are located can easily collaborate using Team-Based Planning.

Accessible from anywhere and anytime on any device, our Project Management solutions are a “One Tool for All” to meet the needs of every business function (R&D, Sales, Executives, Marketing…). It fosters team collaboration and helps you deliver on time.

With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud, you can securely collaborative, from your office or your house, on a computer, a tablet and even your smartphone!

We have reduced multiple duplicate parts using project management applications, part management and change orders and thereby improved efficiency in this area by more than 30%.

Jagadeesh A.
PLM Project Manager, Suprajit Technology Center

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