Semiconductor Packaging Performance

Boost the productivity of your chip and systems packaging

Semiconductor innovation fuelling many industries’ growth

The continuous growth of Smart X solutions, together with artificial intelligence (AI), particularly in new mobility solutions, represent a significant opportunity for the semiconductor industry. However, these opportunities come with challenging new requirements with respect to performance, reliability in harsh conditions, and cost and time-to-market.

Semiconductor innovation fuelling many industries’ growth > Man and Handphone > Dassault Systèmes®

The crucial and evolving role of packaging

Semiconductor packages have an increasing impact on the performance of ICs and their cost. However, traditional chip packages such as ball grid array (BGA), small outline integrated circuit (SOIC), plastic quad flatpack (PQFP), dual inline plastic (DIP), and other mature technologies, do not meet some of the current cost and new performance demands. Furthermore, they do not leverage the latest technological advancements such as 3D IC, system-in-package (SiP) to meet the required form factors.

The crucial and evolving role of packaging > Microchip > Dassault Systèmes®

How can semiconductor innovators improve their packaging performance?

  1. Enable a comprehensive multi-physics simulation approach
    • Taking advantage of the latest solver technologies across electromagnetic, thermal, mechanical, and other disciplines, on a single digital platform, enables process acceleration and time-to-market gains of orders of magnitude, versus the traditional fragmented design approach.
  2. Leverage existing knowhow for early and ubiquitous use
    • With knowledge based modelling (KBM), expert knowhow can be effectively captured and redeployed. Together with verification automation, KBM allows design changes to be quickly updated and analysed, expanding the design space and allowing for innovative packaging approaches.
  3. Accelerate digital collaboration across diverse disciplines
    • Semiconductor innovation is the art of orchestrating exponentially growing product complexity together with the dynamics of diverse and remotely operating teams. Synchronizing innovation on a single digital platform that includes requirements, project, IP and engineering data management, provides the agility for delivering successful chips and systems, including optimal package designs.

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