Bridging the Digital Gap Between Engineering and Manufacturing

Collaboration is the Key to Product Innovation

Delivering Innovation in a Changing World

The manufacturing world has changed. Rapidly shifting customer preferences and business disruptions have led to the need for companies to do business in new ways. Manufacturers are feeling the pressure to improve time to market and deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

Functional silos and disconnected workflows cause friction in product development processes, impeding progress and slowing reaction times. To meet this challenge, manufacturers need to re-imagine product development and transform collaboration between engineering and manufacturing.

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Download the “Bridging the Gap Between Engineering and Manufacturing” eBook to learn how multi-discipline collaboration throughout the product lifecycle helps: 

  • Maintain agility while moving faster from design through manufacturing
  • Reduce design errors and development time
  • Improve engineering to manufacturing efficiency
  • Deliver an always up-to-date manufacturing definition

Reimaging Product Development

PLAY VIDEO: Cross-discipline collaboration drives innovation while reducing design errors and development time. Discover how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform helps product manufacturers maintain agility while moving faster from design to manufacturing. 

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