Scientific Data Analysis in Biopharma

Closing the Communication Gap Between Medicinal Chemists and Modelers

R&D project teams in biopharma, often consisting of medicinal/computational chemists and modelers, require flexible ways to view 3D structures of ligand-protein complexes. One BIOVIA customer has leveraged BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot to build a comprehensive and sustainable 3D Structure Portal that would help to advance and accelerate their growing pipeline of investigational compounds.

Pipeline Pilot has significantly accelerated development time, and brings their medicinal chemists and modelers together, improving communication between these groups and allowing them to collaborate more efficiently with the same tools in a shared small molecule ecosystem.

"Pipeline Pilot’s extensive chemistry features and powerful integration capabilities improve our ability to tie 3D models into our general research informatics infrastructure, ultimately bringing medicinal chemists closer to modelers and speeding therapeutics to people."Director, Research Informatics | Leading Biopharmaceutical Company

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