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Philippe LOEB
Vice President Home & Lifestyle Industry at Dassault Systèmes

Home & Lifestyle brands face complexity at every turn as they grow their business. Collections expand, product designs become more complex and the number of processes and manpower involved at every manufacturing stage increases. To keep up with rising consumer demand, businesses are using the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform for tactical and operational production planning to make best use of existing resources and scale up their manufacturing capacity.

The Challenge

Complicated manufacturing scenarios and growing portfolios are a reality for Home & Lifestyle manufacturers scaling up their business. In some cases, the number of manufacturing stages involved in the production of one item have quadrupled, resulting in a need for more resource and greater capacity planning. Those that succeed are able to plan ahead effectively, combining their tactical and operational planning to match skilled craftspeople with the right tasks at the right time.

The Solution

It’s why fast-growing businesses are taking advantage of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to scale with ease and launch new products to market faster. Using the Master Production Scheduling based on DELMIA Quintiq, not only can brands absorb the complexity that comes with introducing new collections and more intricate products, but they can increase capacity utilization, reduce production lead times from weeks to days and improve on-time delivery performance.

The Benefits

Today, leading brands are building digital models of their manufacturing resources and constraints, giving them granular visibility into the capacity and utilization of each individual craftsperson and production process to handle production demand and optimize throughput.

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Increase Delivery Performance

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Pandora partnership with Quintiq

Real Business Story

A typical silver ring manufactured by Pandora used to require 40 craftspeople to produce 1,000 pieces. Today, it involves over 150. As brands grow, so do their collections and, in Pandora’s case, the level of detail that goes into every design. As it continues to scale its business, the world's largest manufacturer in terms of production volume is using Quintiq for tactical and operational production planning in its three crafting facilities in Thailand. The solution is helping Pandora to optimize its production planning and increase productivity.

With Dassault Systèmes’ advanced planning system supporting our capacity expansion program, we will be able to scale up manufacturing capacity, increase our efficiency and increase agility to satisfy the demands of our valued customers.

SVP Group Operations, Pandora

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