The Scalability Playbook for Manufacturers In Construction

Productization, virtual construction bricks, and templatizing your fabrication processes

Designers and engineers in today’s architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry are tasked with completing more sustainable and complex projects faster than ever, with fewer personnel. To tackle these challenges, AEC teams need a framework that can help them meet environmental requirements and customer demands for unique constructions while ensuring product quality and business growth.

The productization approach is enabling construction players to leverage integration-ready modules and virtual construction bricks to design, manufacture and install highly configurable products in record time, with a lower environmental impact.

As well as optimizing design and construction, productization is creating new business opportunities: construction teams who produce and manage virtual construction bricks are becoming virtual makers.

Early adopters of the productization approach, façade makers have been leveraging virtual construction bricks to transform their role in the industry and maximize their value by collaborating more strategically in construction projects, virtualizing their expertise and reusing it across projects.

In this playbook, learn about the core principles of productization and discover how façade makers like Jet Contractors and KG Constructions are using this approach to:

  • Accelerate design, manufacturing and time to market
  • Implement customization on a large scale
  • Go beyond their sustainability goals
  • Manage project complexity, increase efficiency and improve product quality
  • Leverage their intellectual property to scale up their business

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