Life Extension of a Gas Turbine Blade

Gas turbines are used extensively for mechanical drive in a number of industries, for example gas compression, power generation and marine propulsion. Aero derivative engines are often used for these applications.  Unlike aerospace applications, where the duty cycle of the engines is closely prescribed, mechanical drive applications experience a wide variety of load conditions. This makes life assessment more difficult. The gas turbine blades are expensive to replace. Due to the cost of blade replacement and operator experience indicating that blade failures are very unusual events, a number of gas turbine operators are arbitrarily extending the life of blades between replacements.

fe-safe/TURBOlife™ is used to accurately predict fatigue life of complex analyses based on creep strain, creep fatigue damage and material property changes at high temperatures. Download now and learn to validate or do safe life extension of a gas turbine blade with the help of fe-safe/TURBOlife™

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