Running hybrid teams in 2021: how can Lean principles benefit your team?

2021 IDC report

The push to a hybrid work environment blending on-site and remote work has changed the way so many teams collaborate. For some the transition has been more sudden and disruptive than for others. In fact, fewer than half of all organizations say their work processes are "Very Effective" or "Highly Effective", according to a recent IDC survey.

Where do you stand?

While you can find a lot of great advice about how to personally adapt to remote work, it’s harder to find good advice about how to help your team.

With Dassault Systèmes, IDC has looked into new ways of collaborating, innovating, and conducting meetings to make teams more efficient in a hybrid work environment.

Dive into IDC’ report to find out:

  1. How well your team is using Lean principles.
  2. How you can combine digital technology and Lean methods to deliver value. 
  3. What best practices you can adopt to improve your decision-making process and run a more efficient, engaged team.

Find out more and learn how you can future-proof your workforce.

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