The Retail Supply Chain: Money Left on the Table

How a more efficient, agile supply chain can help you beat 21st century challenges

Retail supply chains are increasing in complexity as demanding customers and new technologies force retailers to adapt quickly. Yet many of them still rely on legacy tools to plan their operations. 

That was the impetus for our collaboration with WBR Insights to conduct a global survey among 150 of the world’s largest retailers. We wanted to find out more about their supply chain planning, the challenges they expect to face in the future, and the steps being taken to make their operations futureproof. The results were illuminating.

Download the report to discover:

  • The full results of this survey
  • The benefits of having a fully integrated planning system that can be utilized by all stakeholders
  • How retailers can strengthen their supply chain to meet the high demands of their customers and prepare their business for changes on the horizon