Transitioning from PLM to an Innovation Platform

PLM and the 3DEXPERIENCE® Cloud Platform.

Enhance your PLM capabilities with the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud Platform

As a manufacturer, managing product lifecycle processes through a PLM or other specific tools, allowed you to get your product to the market faster and be more agile in an environment where customer needs change rapidly.

While PLM is indeed the necessary foundation for structured product development, is it enough to drive meaningful innovation?

Here’s where an innovation platform comes into play.

In this ebook, discover how the platform :

  • Goes beyond PLM connecting people, ideas and data from across the value network to support product, process and business innovation
  • Eliminates silos across teams to ensure seamless collaboration
  • Provides real-time access to up-to-date product information on a single, unified environment 

We have an awful lot of complex systems and what Dassault Systèmes has enabled us to do is to bring all of those systems onto a single platform. This has given us the fluidity we need to connect to our clients and our suppliers, and obviously keep that data really secure.

Dan Moran
Group IT Manager, Contechs

This e-book is focused on companies who have already implemented a PLM.
If your company is thinking about implementing a PLM, we recommend you to discover how to go beyond PLM and drive innovation in our dedicated e-book.

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