Removable EBG-Based Common Mode Filter

Optimize Filter Performance and Analyze Signal Integrity

Electromagnetic bandgap structures (known as EBG) are a type of metamaterial – a structure carefully designed to have electromagnetic properties that don’t occur in nature – that can be tuned to allow some frequencies to pass through while blocking others. By packaging an EBG as a surface mount component, it can be made into a removable common mode filter that can placed on a high-speed digital printed circuit board and used to reduce interference to the signal.

EBGs are much smaller than conventional filters and offer great potential for miniaturization on high-density interconnects. With this whitepaper, learn about:

  • How simulation with CST Studio Suite® can be used to design a removable EBG filter
  • Modeling the filter in both the time and frequency domain in order to analyze and optimize its filtering performance and to replicate time-domain reflectometry to analyze signal integrity (SI)
  • The excellent interference filtering from the resulting R-EBG component 

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