Reliable Operation of Aircraft Antenna Systems

From antenna design – to antenna placement – to co-site interference mitigation

The connected aircraft allows for increased safety and more efficient operation of aircraft. In addition, it can help enhance the in-flight passenger experience with high-speed broadband. Installed aircraft antennas are key components to connect with satellites, ground stations, other aircraft, to monitor nearby weather conditions and to assure safe landing in severe conditions. For optimum installed antenna performance, a holistic antenna design process requires bilateral cooperation between aircraft OEMs and suppliers. Early consideration of platform geometries and antenna systems enables installed antenna specifications to be met first time.

In this whitepaper, learn how SIMULIA’s electromagnetic simulation solutions can be used to design antennas, analyze installed antenna performance, and identify and mitigate co-site interference issues.

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Aircraft Communication & Detection System Performance

Reliable communication, navigation and detection are crucial for safe and efficient operation of aircraft

Reliable Aircraft Communication and Navigation Systems

SIMULIA’s Solution for Reliable Aircraft Communication and Navigation Systems

In July 2019, an American passenger aircraft was unable to land at Dallas airport due to loss of communication with air traffic control (ATC). This often occurs due to poor design of the antenna systems. How do we design reliable antennas?

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