Reduce complexity and time to market for home & lifestyle products

Remove complexity when launching new Home & Lifestyle products

Consumers expect a lot when selecting products (i.e., DIY tools, baby gear, furniture or sporting goods) for their home or lifestyle. They want products that blend aesthetics and function and are more sustainable and affordable.  How do companies meet these requirements, while balancing cost and quality and launch in a timely manner?

Watch the two minute video to see how one company launches a new jigsaw power tool to market using a platform approach to connect teams across the full product lifecycle from concept to engineering, manufacturing and product launch.


Streamline Product Development

Download the ebook, ‘Create Advanced Home Goods in a Consumer-Driven World’ 

The ebook shares ways to streamline product development, enhance product quality, and meet sustainability goals by connecting teams on a single platform. Using a platform approach seamlessly connects all disciplines to simply product development and manufacturing and reduce time to market.


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