Protect your bottom line by influencing customer demand

Retailers are jumping onto the bandwagon to offer same-day delivery. However, reality soon hits – the high costs involved make it hard to sustain profits. How can retailers offer customers what they want and still protect their bottom line?

This is where an optimized platform can change the retail game. Instead of letting customer whims dictate the sale, shape customer demand with dynamic pricing. Calculate the variable cost of delivery windows and decide on the best prices to offer at the most cost-efficient time. You have the flexibility to use the delivery model that fits your needs and targets:

  • Forecast variable
    Time slots with different rates – customers can choose cheaper but tighter delivery windows or more convenient but higher priced windows.
  • Hybrid forecast
    Limited time slots with fixed shipping rates for customers and lower costs to you.

Which one is best for your business and customers? Click on the link and receive the details on how you can offer same-day delivery without sacrificing your profits.


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