Improve Sustainability with Digital Product Reformulation

Discover how Life Sciences companies can accelerate product reformulation for sustainability.

Digital reformulation solutions allows Life Sciences companies to accelerate their reformulation, while maintaining profits.

Download our white paper to explore the imperatives to support product reformulation for improving sustainability. Learn how Life Sciences companies overcome the challenges of product reformulations in near-real time, while keeping cost down to maintain profit margins. Discover the value of the Dassault Systèmes solution for digital reformulation.

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Why do you need a competitive reformulation strategy?

Successful product reformulation must include integrated formulation and testing strategies to ensure that product characteristics meet expectations and specifications. Use the right solution to support your strategy to improve your competitiveness.

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Do you have what it takes to reformulate products quickly to meet sustainability goals?

Companies that manufacture formula-based products must manage the complete lifecycle, from idea to label, and comply with relevant regulatory standards. Discover the solution that will provide this, while maintaining profits. 

Do not miss the product reformulation white paper to explore the potential benefits and identify next steps. Set your organization up for success and further your sustainability goals.

Learn how:

  • To identify your product specification reformulation goals,
  • Implement them using the right tools, and
  • Establish the right organizational support.

Reformulate products smarter. Improve product reformulation for sustainability.

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