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Sustainable Product Design Makes a Difference

Behind the Positive Home Project

Good news if your company prioritizes sustainability and includes it as part of product development. The Positive Home Project showcases ways for manufacturers to meet global demand for eco-designed products that continues to increase. For example, projected market growth for eco-friendly furniture will grow 6.8 percent CAGR, worth $59.8 billion by 2027 according to Grandview Research.

Join, sustainability experts, Jonathan Dutton and Hrishi Mohan for the story behind The Positive Home Project. Whether new or existing products, in a 10 minute video podcast they outline the steps and solutions for your company to develop more sustainable home goods, sporting goods, and other products.

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Any manufacturer developing home goods that put sustainability at the forefront reap rewards for the environment, the customer and the bottom line.

Hrishi Mohan
Sustainability Director,  Dassault Systèmes

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