Overcoming Cross-disciplinary Collaboration Challenges is Key to Fostering Innovation

Learn how manufacturers of all sizes gain the vision, practices, and tools they need for effective collaboration


Innovation is critical to manufacturing success, but many companies face collaboration challenges — corporate silos, disconnected processes and technologies — that limit their success with new product launches. Leaders can overcome these barriers by ensuring that all functions in their organizations have the vision, practices, and tools they need for effective collaboration.

During our on-demand webinar, Collaborate and Innovate for High-Performance Results, we highlight how manufacturers of all sizes and industries can implement cross-functional collaboration. In addition, we explore key study findings that show how to collaborate and profit across six critical functions: Leadership, R&D/Product Development, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Customer-Facing Functions, and Support Services.

Webinar speakers include:

  • John Brandt, CEO of the MPI Group and author of Nincompoopery: Why Your Customers Hate You – and How to Fix It (HarperCollins, 2019)
  • Mike Buchli3DEXPERIENCE Works Partner Sales Manager of Manufacturing
  • Dick Longoria, Industry Process Consultant at DELMIAWorks

During this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Apply best practices within functions
  • Leverage technologies to enhance collaboration
  • Achieve better metrics, including profitability

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