Break Your Energy Research Deadlocks with Outcome-based Engagements

Collaborate with experts to unlock desired research outcomes for an era of sustainable energy

Sustainable operational practices and eco-friendly products make better business sense. Large energy and materials companies are increasingly reliant on cutting-edge research to innovate and improve their operations and solutions, for better sustainability, faster outcomes, and at a lower cost. A prime example is oil refining. Companies research on new ways to improve catalyst performance, however marginally, as this can yield millions in saved energy costs and productivity gains. The video below explains how Dassault Systèmes can help you to “reduce, reuse, and recycle” existing data, streamline R&D operations, and adopt in silico and data science-based workflows.

Introducing Dassault Systèmes Outcome-based Engagement

Dassault Systèmes Outcome-based Engagement is a contracted service to help your R&D team identify and stay on the most productive path to achieving its research goals.

Deployed on a flexible and collaborative scientific consulting and outcome-based methodology, this proven offering not only uses 3D chemistry- and physics-based simulations and data science to accelerate innovation and optimization cycles, but also brings in domain-specific, multi-disciplinary experts to perform virtual “what if” experiments on advanced software tools.

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With an Outcome-based Engagement, your team will immediately be extended with critical knowledge to focus experiments toward the most successful paths.

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