Optimizing Sales and Operations Planning for the Wire & Cable Industry

Boost enterprise value and operational efficiency with effective S&OP

The global wire and cable manufacturing industry is estimated to be valued at US$232 billion by 2025 at an annual growth rate (AGR) of approximately 5 percent. However, this growth comes with increasing complexities. To manage this and remain competitive, wire and cable manufacturers must optimize forecasting and production capacity. This is key to future success as well as to drive improvement of standard length and made to order (MTO) product availability, ensuring the right product is offered at the right time and place.

Read about how DELMIA Quintiq’s S&OP solution can help wire and cable companies effectively optimize their sales and operations planning and gain the ability to:

  • Improve finished goods availability and facilitate demand prioritization
  • Optimize capacity utilization and achieve the most profitable capacity allocation
  • Reduce inventories and holding costs and enable collaborative vendor-managed inventory

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